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Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Chibs
OOC Journal: yume_no_kage
Under 18? NUPE
Email/IM: / chibichibitheone
Characters Played at Singularity: Simon Silverton

Character Information ;
Name: BLU Demo (Tamhàis Clark)
Name of Canon: Team Fortress 2
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Amat AU
Demo Lines:
Meet the Demo:

Canon Point: N/A

Setting: Team Fortress is set on an alternate WWII era earth, where everything (except Australia) is owned and controlled by two companies: RED (Reliable Excavation and Demolition), and BLU (Builders League United). These two companies are in an eternal struggle to gain control of the world’s resources, and as such, hire mercenary teams to fight one another for control of certain areas…although the battles never seem to net any discernable difference in who controls what. Also, the mercenaries never die; they just respawn after a little while. Demo (all of the mercs go by class as their names, rather than their real names) is one such mercenary, known for his demolition and bomb-making skills, and he’s been a part of BLU for quite some time.

And then he landed on a magical sex island. Atia’s an island controlled by a Goddess of the same name, who gains her power from the collars affixed around each resident’s necks. The collars tighten over the course of two weeks unless they engage in regular sex. This was all well and good with him, although there was no scrumpy and he wasn't allowed to actually kill anyone.

Personality: Raised in the highlands of Scotland, largely at Crypt Grammar School for Orphans, Demo has always had a love of explosives. Though said explosives have cost him a lot in his life: his first set of adoptive parents and his left eye, for starters, it is quite obvious that the Demo loves his work, and subsequently his job. Many of his in-game lines show a fierce temper and sort of battle lust while on the field, and otherwise a generally dark sense of humour as he kills his enemies, often rendering them into many, many pieces. Usually while in various stages of intoxication.

But he can also be patient and focused when the matter calls for it, as he is a defensive class, armed with the means to lie in wait (sticky bombs and long distance weaponry) for unsuspecting REDs to meet their maker if they're not careful. Another area he has to be focused in is when he is making his bombs, as it is a tricky, steady-handed job. Also in being defensive, he also likes to know his surroundings, and so dislikes being in unfamiliar places. Tactics play a big role in how he fights his matches, as knowing the map better than others is the easiest way to catch his opponent unawares.

Around others he can be quite friendly, depending on who it is ("Iluvevery, single... one of ye...not you." being one of his match win lines, and he flips between thanking and dismissing those who assist his kills). He's the most likely to be friendly around other defensive classes (Engineer, Heavy), while the largest number of his taunts are reserved for offensive classes like Scout or Soldier.

In short: Fierce, foul-mouthed (like a number of the rest of the classes), focused, patient at times but with an explosive temper, always drunk.

His time on Atia has mellowed him out some, and has given him far, far too much free time to explore hobbies, pick up parttime jobs, and screw whores. He also spent some time being friendly with the RED Pyro, painting miniatures, hunting mythical creatures on the island, and idly making new bomb designs.

Abilities and Weaknesses:

+Very high pain tolerance. Whether from just being in the TF arena for so long and just getting used to dying, or from being absolutely drunk off his nut,
the man has the ability to sticky-jump; that is, to set off his own bombs under his feet to jump higher and farther than he normally would be able to.
+Very high alcohol tolerance.
+Makes all his own toys, and has a decent knowledge of chemistry. The man may be a drunk, but he knows how to blow shit all the hell up, and in some quite inventive ways.
+Pretty good swordsman. If you consider ‘good’ to mean can hack things to death with enthusiasm.

-Aaaaaaalways drunk. Always.
-Has kidneys made of stone steel. Who knows when those things will go out.
-Depth perception is a bitch
-Is very sensitive about his missing eye.
-A bit of an explosive temper


-Clothes (BLU shirt, black pants, vest, gloves, black cap)
-Collar from Atia (deactivated)
-One bottle of booze that is almost but not entirely unlike Scrumpy
-Pipe Bomb gun/sticky launcher
-Two stickies
-Three pipebombs (amat built)
-A slightly smudged BLU Pyro miniature

Appearance: ONE EYED BLACK SCOTSMAN. Demo has a stocky build, dark skin, and wears a uniform consisting of boots, blue pants of a heavy fabric, a blu shirt with his logo on the sleeve, a white undershirt, ammo vest and chest armor. He usually has a black cap on his head (afro underneath), and an eye patch covers what's left of his left eye. He is rarely clean-shaven.

Age: 35 36

OC/AU Justification ;

If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across?
He's not all that different, except possibly a bit more laid back from having had six months of ceasefire imposed upon him, but of course, it had also served as time for him to pick up new hobbies in bomb design, chemical manufacturing, and miniature sculpting and painting. He’s still drunk though.

He also might be a bit less likely to shoot a RED at first glance. The second, however, is anyone’s game.

If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test?
And What Did You Score?

Samples ;
Log Sample:


If anyone ever wondered what the sound of a one eyed black Scotsman falling to a painful, clumsy landing was...That was it. One minute Demo had been stumbling drunkenly away from the whorehouse he visited on a regular basis, and the next--

Well, if he'd tripped, it suddenly turned into a hell of a lot farther of a fall than a normal concrete faceplant would be.

The utterly ungirly scream was cut off abruptly as he landed in a junkheap, scraps and broken bits of metal flying in all directions and skittering down the pile. After a moment of utter silence, broken by the clattering of loose metal, a small eruption in the pile revealed not a head, not a hand...but a bottle. Demo could be stumbling drunk, could fall to a painful and clumsy death, but always always his scrumpy would be protected.

Said scrumpy was planted very firmly at the top of the pile as he dug himself out, swearing a blu streak and flinging slightly bloody bits of metal off the heap. As he straightened, a BLU metal tube slipped from its strap on his vest, landing at his feet and lighting up a bright blue.

Three things happened simultaneously.

Demo spoke: "Oh for th' love a..."

A mechanical voice intoned: "Welcome to Sacrosanct, please watch your ste--"

And a cheerfully innocent double beep sounded, the sound of which was the most important of the three, as it sounded the last seconds of peace before--



For a few seconds it seemed as if there was nothing left, save for raining bits of metal and trash. But then...was that a foot? A finger? A kidney? Pieces rained down, bouncing off the piles and settling amongst the wreckage, Demo's charred head bouncing and coming to rest next to his miraculously unharmed bottle of scrumpy.

Network Sample:

[Nevermind that he’s suddenly off the island he’s been stuck on for the last seven months. Nevermind that the new place he’s stuck in is not 2fort, or anything remotely like it. Nevermind that he still has his collar, still has nothing better than a bottle of Atian hooch, and blew himself up once twice already upon arriving here.

None of that is important in the light of a sudden and dawning epiphany.

This place has respawn.

The video will blurr drunkenly into focus as he stumbles...well, drunkenly, out of the teleporter, bottle in one hand, and a surprisingly unexploded sticky in another. Take note, if you will that however unbalanced he may be, the bottle in his hand is held almost reverently as he stops back to where there is a peculiar blast pattern a ways away from his respawn point, and sets it down right next to a bottle that is almost identical to it. In fact, at second glance, it is identical.

...Alright, so now he has two bottles of Atian hooch. Or if he can get back to Zone 00, possibly three.

As he stands there, contemplating his newfound skill of magically multiplying booze, Demo looks far, far too gleeful at the prospect of being able to do this indefinitely, absently tossing the sticky bomb from hand to hand. Death has nothing on the prospect of free scrumpy.

Seemingly to prove this point, after another moment of thought he stops tossing the sticky, twirling it on one finger before oops letting it drop towards his feet.

The transmission abruptly cuts off to the sound of another explosion.]


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