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» Journal: bloodygrimfable
» Birthdate/Age: 11/19/1984
» Characters Played: N/a

» Name: BLU Demo
» Fandom: Team Fortress 2
» Reference:
Demo Lines:
Meet the Demo:
» Canon Point: Pre WAR update (He hasn't recieved the Eyelander)
» Gender: Male
» Age: early to mid 30's

» Orientation: Unknown, presumed straight. There is absolutely no canon on this, unfortunately, outside of a few pinups of girls in the bases, and only a few vague in-game lines (one of him proclaiming "If I wasn the man I was, I'd kiss ye!" in a match win to his all-male team, and another "DOMINATED! ...And I been shaggin' yer wife! Ahah!" when dominating a Medic) to influence the interpretation one way or another.

Like many of the other classes, the Demo uses insults like 'lass', 'ladies' and 'little miss' to taunt the other team when killing or dominating them (also to the point of calling Engineer a 'big ugly girl' at one point), which is in part a commentary of the time period he comes from, which is in the 1960's, and can lend further hints as to his overall opinion of sexuality outside of the 'norm'.

» Personality: Raised in the highlands of Scotland, largely at Crypt Grammar School for Orphans, Demo has always had a love of explosives. Though they have cost him a lot in his life: his first set of adoptive parents and his left eye, for starters, it is quite obvious that the Demo loves his work, and subsequently his job. Many of his in-game lines show a fierce temper and sort of battle lust while on the field, and otherwise a generally dark sense of humour as he kills his enemies, often rendering them into many, many pieces. Usually while in various stages of intoxication.

But he can also be patient and focused when the matter calls for it, as he is a defensive class, armed with the means to lie in wait (sticky bombs and long distance weaponry) for unsuspecting REDs to meet their maker if they're not careful. Another area he has to be focused in is when he is making his bombs, as it is a tricky, steady-handed job. Also in being defensive, he also likes to know his surroundings, and so dislikes being in unfamiliar places.

Around others he can be quite friendly, depending on who it is ("Iluvevery, single... one of ye...not you." being one of his match win lines, and he flips between thanking and dismissing those who assist his kills). He's the most likely to be friendly around other defensive classes (Engineer, Heavy), while the largest number of his taunts are reserved for offensive classes like Scout or Soldier.

In short: Fierce, foul-mouthed (like a number of the rest of the classes), focused, patient at times but with an explosive temper, always drunk.

» Appearance: A one-eyed black scotsman. Demo has a stocky build, dark skin, and wears a uniform consisting of boots, blue pants of a heavy fabric, a blu shirt with his logo on the sleeve, a white undershirt, ammo vest and chest armor. He usually has a black cap on his head (afro underneath), and an eye patch covers what's left of his left eye. He is rarely clean-shaven.

» "amatomnes" Entry:

[Here, have a closeup of one eye as the video starts recording, before it pulls back to show a pissed off looking Demo with a slightly nervous and terrified looking maid slowly sidling away from him in the background. Somehow he seems to have hit the mute button, as his mouth moves, but no sound comes out. By the look of it, he would have likely needed censoring anyways--

Oh look he's found the mute button again.]

--ominatin' tha' RED tha' put me 'ere, an...What in tha' name've a she-devil's tits is tha meanin a' this?!

[The view zooms in on a plaid blue cloth strap around his neck before his face fills the screen once more.]

Aye, I'm going t'find ye, an' they're goin' t'be findin pieces a' you t'collect an' send home t' yer mama...IN HELL!

[He stabs at a few buttons and the feed cuts with an angry beep.]

» "amatomneslogs" Entry:

A drunken fancy, that what she was. A bonny-eyed lass, all teases and promises, ever the more so with her features blurred through the haze of booze and a faintly blue-tinged cloud of potassium perchlorate. He couldn't even say what it was she was doing to him, but it felt damn nice, nicer than anything he'd felt in a while...

Demo shook awake mid-snore, smiling faintly at the warm lassitude that gripped him. His good eye snapped open suddenly, then just as quickly closed again from the bright sunlight streaming in through the windows.

He paused, then was up in a flash, looking around a bit wildly at the unfamiliar room, the sun, and the city view outside. His hand automatically groped for the bottle that was his constant companion.

"Tha hell--?"

He found his bottle alongside his clothing at the foot of the bed and took a good, fortifying swig before he belched and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. It was then that he noticed a new tightness around his neck. Reaching up, he ran his fingers over the collar questioningly, then curled his fingers under it and yanked, nearly sending himself tumbling as it failed to snap.

His cursing could have streaked the sky blue with its fervor. He steadied himself on the bed, only then noticing that he was utterly and completely naked, with a slowly drying smear across his stomach.

"Didnae happen, boyo." He mumbled down at his dick as he reached for one of the sheets on the bed to clean himself up. "Jes' a dream."

If only this new situation was the same thing. Just a dream.


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